Meet Tim Cooley, GISP, GIS Manager

A Diverse Perspective

I joined GeoDecisions more than a decade ago right after graduating from Pennsylvania State University, and have transitioned from a GIS Analyst to a GIS Manager. Focused on collaboration and innovation, I lead a team to provide the most current GIS information and technical help to colleagues and clients on a regular basis. This requires constantly being aware of new products and GIS trends.

Tim petting a camel in Abu Dhabi.

Tim petting a camel in Abu Dhabi.

After my first four years, I was one of the first GeoDecisions employees to work overseas. I spent almost two years living in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and worked onsite at the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC). During this time, I focused on helping the UPC GIS department grow and created a UPC map that was published in a volume of the Esri® Map Book.

Currently, I am actively involved in helping bring Esri's mobile data collection solutions to the forefront within GeoDecisions. Having completed multiple Sign inventory projects with our parent company, Gannett Fleming, I‘ve since applied this knowledge to a variety of transportation, water, and historic data assignments.

Background and Hobbies

Although unsure of what career path I wanted to take during my undergrad, things changed after reading an article about GIS in an “Earth and Mineral Sciences” brochure from the Pennsylvania State University. Since then, I knew GIS was the perfect fit for me.  

A Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, resident, I work in the GeoDecisions and Gannett Fleming corporate headquarters located in nearby  Camp Hill. In my spare time, I enjoy playing with my pets, board games, and spending time outside. Fun fact: I dream of building a ship in a bottle, one day.