Technology is changing the face of aviation at a rapid pace. Travelers are empowered to make quick decisions thanks to an abundance of information at their fingertips, such as up-to-the-minute reviews, discounts, good and bad news, and choices. Airlines are facing greater competition at every turn. Urban air mobility is becoming a part of the everyday vernacular with companies like Uber talking about vertiports in major cities for helicopter taxis. The sky is the next great frontier to be fully optimized.

Using the latest Esri® technology, GeoDecisions, a Release Ready Platinum Partner, has the experience and the innovative talent to address existing challenges and envision solutions to future challenges in this ever-changing frontier. Implementing in-depth location analytics, tracking and managing your fleet, and adding robust asset management systems can dramatically increase the value of your operations whether it is airlines, helicopters, private aircraft, or some aircraft yet to be created.


Location Analytics

By adding in geographic location data to business data and mapping it, you can turn disparate data systems into a cohesive singular vision illustrating patterns, trends, and relationships not previously seen. GeoDecisions adds the analysis and presentation of spatial insights of these patterns, trends, and relationships. We can help you make sense of all this information to improve the optimization of the following:

  • Site selection

  • Passenger counts

  • Flight plans

  • Overall business operations

Learn more about Track.

Learn more about Track.

Tracking and Fleet Management

Track gives you the ability to monitor, report, and communicate with pilots in real-time and confirm aircraft locations, landings, and takeoffs. Built on location-based software from Esri, the system makes it possible for operators to track and visualize aircraft movement through a central dashboard, ensuring they can account for all assets.

Track specializes in fleet management and logistics operations. With Track as your solution, we can provide end-to-end service, including the hardware, hardware management, and airtime. This web-based solution allows clients to quickly create dashboard applications for users, providing them with the data and information they need at their fingertips. Track’s configurable dashboards and reports give you the ability to share critical, real-time information with identified individuals or groups.


Asset Management

Using GIS, we can facilitate improved management of your airport operations’ assets using the unique locational data of each asset. Our experience with enterprise asset management systems will help you reduce time spent on manual, antiquated processes managing pavement and runway conditions, facility assets, and fleets. Streamline tracking and reporting with an integrated system for service requests, work orders, safety inspections, and a range of other preventive maintenance activities.

Our partnerships with asset management (AM) software vendors facilitate a quicker implementation of AM software suites which are used by airports across the country. These AM solutions add the functionality of GIS to an AM tool, helping managers evaluate, prioritize, schedule, and track operations and maintenance work. Our team can augment these solutions with automatic vehicle location (AVL) and GPS tracking and logistics for a comprehensive, real-time AM system.

We oversee and implement the best AM system and practices to meet your needs. Our experienced team can configure and tailor any system to include assessment of runway pavement conditions, line painting, facility maintenance, and much more.



Uber Skyport

The Gannett Fleming design concept--one of six finalists in the Uber Elevate Skyport Challenge–maximizes passenger comfort and safety while minimizing environmental impacts. Modular and highly flexible, our SKYPORT efficiently links all forms of urban transportation, making cities simpler, quieter, and smarter. GeoDecisions, a division of Gannett Fleming, tailored Track to fit the needs of this concept. The facility was artfully designed to activate a forward-thinking concept that will improve mobility and decrease traffic congestion, enhancing the quality of life in urban environments around the world.

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Facing rapidly evolving technologies, increased customer expectations, and changing global weather patterns, aviation companies must remain vigilant and responsive.

Bristow, an industrial aviation services company, has embraced these dynamics as an opportunity to improve its operations. With the support of GeoDecisions, Bristow embarked on a major effort to overhaul its flight tracking system.

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