Self-Proclaimed Map Nerd Finds Government Home - Getting to Know Caitlyn Meyer, Project Manager

What was your experience prior to coming to GeoDecisions?

Pictured: Caitlyn and her niece, Josie.

Pictured: Caitlyn and her niece, Josie.

Caitlyn: I came to GeoDecisions’ Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, office from a public consulting firm, where I spent three years working with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services on large-scale IT services contracts for human services and Medicaid programs. My prior work experience included working for a local community and economic development office, where I helped implement a county-wide enterprise GIS system. I also collaborated with local municipalities on their downtown revitalization efforts. 

How would you describe your first few weeks at GeoDecisions?

Caitlyn: After a hiatus, I'm excited to be working in the GIS world again! I‘ve found GeoDecisions’ onboarding process smooth, and project materials and documentation have been easy to navigate as I continue to learn. As a project manager, it’s refreshing to have GeoDecisions’ Enterprise Methodology (GEM) and similar processes well documented.

What are you looking forward to at GeoDecisions?

Caitlyn: I consider myself a self-proclaimed “map nerd.” As evidence, I submit the number of maps included in my home décor. At GeoDecisions, my primary focus is state and local government work. I’m eager to explore where our service offerings can be expanded with our current clients in addition to other government sectors. I anticipate getting to know our team better, and plan to increase my contribution within the upcoming months!