Matt Brown, UIX Designer and Developer


Hey there! My name is Matt Brown and I’m a UIX Designer and Developer at GeoDecisions. I've had the privilege of working with the GeoDecisions team now since the summer of 2015, and it's been an amazing journey as I continue to learn as much as I can in the exciting area of web development.


A self-taught programmer and graphic-artist, I am a dedicated student of code and design. As an undergraduate at Colorado State University (Go Rams!), I was introduced to the wide-wide-world of web development. Dabbling with HTML and CSS led to my first gig as Student Webmaster for the Rocky Mountain Student Media Corp., and from that moment on, I was hooked. I began to learn PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript over a few semesters of late nights, and I was properly obsessed with all things web. Unfortunately, I was three-quarters of the way through my undergraduate degree when I found my passion for programming, but that didn’t stop me from learning independently through an internship, freelance work, and mining knowledge from every Computer Science major I met on campus.

Matt lives in Colorado Springs and enjoys hiking and photography. On a recent visit to Maroon Bells near Aspen, Matt captured this sunrise shot of the peaks. Fun fact: Maroon Bells is one of the most photographed mountains in North America..

When I graduated, I went to work for a small company in Colorado Springs as a web developer and marketing professional. During this time, I learned everything I could about building an online business and making it profitable. After just two years with that small company, I decided to set out on my own. I began my full-time freelance career, and for the next three years, I worked with companies nationwide building cutting-edge corporate sites, providing graphic design services, and continuing to broaden my skillset. It was during my time as a freelancer that I met Brian Jensen, CEO of Fishidy, and his friends at GeoDecisions.

Skills and Expertise

As a freelance developer, I spent much of my time building WordPress corporate websites and maintaining PHP web applications for clients. I also designed logos, print materials, and even dabbled with video production and product photography on the side. While I love the abstract work of backend programming, my forte lies near the intersection of form and functionality. I have a knack for laying-out user interfaces and I love the satisfaction of building streamlined workflows for big web applications.

Challenges Facing GIS UIX

Web-based GIS is a relatively new field and it’s taking off during a renaissance of web programming. HTML5, JavaScript, and affordable cloud storage are making GIS-driven real-time web applications a reality. We’re on the frontier, forging the rules as we go. So, it’s crucial that we maintain our focus, not only on delivering robust applications, but ones that are visually intuitive as well. That is one of the biggest challenges facing GIS, and it’s where I've enjoyed concentrating my talents for GeoDecisions.


Matt Brown

UIX Designer and Developer A developer with a knack for design, Matt is dedicated to programming and designing beautiful, feature-rich web applications for GeoDecisions. Despite an ever-growing list of hobbies and interests, Matt focuses his free time on playing guitar, taking photographs, and making a mess with DIY projects. Matt lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado with his wife Becky.