Getting to Know GeoDecisions' Hany Hassaballa, EIT, GISP

Hany Hassaballa, EIT, GISP, is a project manager and senior GIS analyst with 20 years of experience in spatial information technology and civil engineering. He joined GeoDecisions in 2009, where his work on a broad range of projects and his passion for innovation has enabled him to stay abreast of the latest in GIS technology.


Born in Egypt and raised in Kuwait, Hany studied civil engineering at the renowned Cairo University. Following graduation, Hany worked for several years in the field of highway design, where his in-depth interaction with computer-aided design introduced him to GIS (at the time, an emerging technology). Hany’s interest in GIS innovation brought him to Cairo’s Information Technology Institute (ITI) for a rigorous six-month certification program in GIS and software development. Shortly after his studies at ITI, Hany attended graduate school at the University of Twente’s Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation in Enschede, Netherlands, where he received a master’s degree in geo-information management for urban planning. Additionally, he will soon obtain his professional engineer license.

Professional Background

Prior to joining GeoDecisions, Hany worked for the Ministry of Planning in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he oversaw the creation of the country’s first-ever census map. Hany joined the GeoDecisions team after he moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to be closer to his wife’s family. Hany’s love of travel and his fluency in Arabic and English have opened many doors for him, as he often works on projects straddling American and Middle Eastern markets. His career at GeoDecisions began with an urban planning project in United Arab Emirates (UAE) with the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council. Hany’s work soon expanded to include multiple government agencies: UAE’s National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA); Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA); Ministry of Public work (MoPW) in UAE; and King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia, among many domestic assignments as well. These projects have not only honed Hany’s professional skills and enabled him to travel extensively, they have allowed him to continue eating the authentic Middle Eastern food that is dear to his heart (shawarma, anyone?). 


As a new immigrant, he was interested in learning about the unique American sports such as baseball and football. In addition to playing softball on a recreation league, Hany has used his GIS skills to create several sports-related maps. Hany, his wife Emily, and their young son Abdullah love to travel – with Spain and Italy being among their favorite foreign vacation locales. They also love the outdoors and make sure they visit Maine at least once a year. When he’s not working, Hany is busy fixing up his new house, cheering on his wife at a marathon, or shuttling his son to soccer, flag football, and cub scouts.