GIS Model for State DOT Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, Part One

Statewide Support

With a $1.3 billion annual maintenance budget to support and enhance the nation’s fifth largest state-maintained roadway network, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) turned to geospatial technology to better manage data. Developed by GeoDecisions, Maintenance-IQ is a GIS application revolutionizing how PennDOT’s Bureau of Maintenance and Operations plans and schedules road maintenance activities throughout the Keystone State.

GIS enables PennDOT to support more than 225 million miles traveled every day in Pennsylvania.

Responsible for managing maintenance activities throughout Pennsylvania’s 67 counties and 11 engineering districts, bureau stakeholders required a quicker way to integrate, analyze, and visualize data from more than a dozen PennDOT systems. A wealth of asset and infrastructure information, from highway and bridge conditions to environmental areas impacted by improvement projects, needed to be deciphered, understood, and communicated throughout PennDOT’s maintenance community to keep assignments on cycle.

Self-Service Environment

Maintenance-IQ places the power of GIS in the hands of PennDOT crews, empowering them to perform GIS tasks themselves without requiring assistance from a GIS analyst. As a result, mapping and planning tasks that once required weeks to complete are now accomplished in minutes.

Users can access the intranet-based application to efficiently create, load, share, clip, print, or validate current map data. They can load existing maps or generate custom ones from an intuitive, self-service, and menu-driven toolset. The application helps eliminate rework, keeps assignments on schedule, and enables PennDOT to deliver data and maps faster to management, legislators and outside stakeholders.

Reusable Enterprise Solution

Dynamic and flexible by design, Maintenance-IQ is based on the Esri® technology platform and is integrated into PennDOT’s enterprise GIS. Core to the application are plug-in widgets, data, and mapping services focused on reusability, scalability, flexibility, and affordability. For example, PennDOT’s newly redesigned Traffic Data System uses parts of the common architecture to help PennDOT staff handle 300 million records per month.

Maintenance-IQ Benefits

  • Improve planning  and regional coordination
  • Increase operational efficiency 
  • Analyze maintenance needs 
  • Conduct cycle maintenance 
  • Visualize planned vs. completed maintenance 
  • Enhance knowledge management 
  • Perform data validation and quality assurance 
  • Manage environmental compliance.

Stay tuned to learn more about how Maintenance-IQ benefits state department of transportation workflows, public perception, and sustainability.