Bristow Uses Track to Meet Safety Goals

GeoDecisions Vice President Brian Smith made his way on stage at the Esri® Business Summit in San Diego, California, to discuss how GeoDecisions Track impacts the world on a daily basis. Brian co-presented with Sophy Liu, Bristow Group technology enablement director, sharing how GeoDecisions partners with Bristow to meet their Target Zero safety goals. The GeoDecisions-Bristow business relationship started in 2013. 

Bristow Focus

Bristow is the leading provider of industrial aviation services offering helicopter transportation and search and rescue and aircraft support services, including helicopter maintenance and training, for government and civil organizations worldwide. A 70-year-old company based in Houston, Texas, Bristow has over 300 aircraft globally with major operations in the North Sea, Nigeria, the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, and in the majority of the major offshore oil and gas producing regions of the world.

Bristow’s focus is in the gas and oil industries offering transportation for crews going to off-site drilling platforms. Dealing with a variety of natural elements, remote locations, and unexpected obstacles creates a dangerous atmosphere for their clients. As a result, Bristow’s safety culture includes zero accidents, zero downtime, and zero complaints. It is critical that their command center is equipped with the tools they need to help keep their aircraft safe. GeoDecisions Track does just that.

Powerful Location Intelligence

GeoDecisions Track is a real-time asset intelligence application that uses the power of Esri technology to expose additional analytical capabilities and show trends and patterns of assets and the entire logistical system. The location analytics integrate with ArcGIS Online, enabling clients to extend their Esri identity throughout the application. Additionally, using ArcGIS Online allows organizations to quickly and easily manipulate and distribute maps through GeoDecisions Track. 

GeoDecisions-Bristow Accomplishments

To help Bristow meet their Target Zero safety goals, GeoDecisions Track allows Bristow operators to easily see where each aircraft is located at all times and view the details of each flight and communication with each pilot. Bristow’s control center is manned 24/7, and each aircraft is equipped with five different satellites which help them constantly monitor the flights and stay in continuous communication with the pilots.

Utilizing maps from ArcGIS Online, GeoDecisions Track draws flight plans using GIS fences and alerts the operator if the aircraft deviates from the plan. This is just one of 24 different alerts customized for Bristow’s use. The application also is able to store seven years of data for Bristow, allowing operators to see the history for each flight and plan ahead for possible obstacles.

GeoDecisionsTrack allows Bristow to integrate business data and real time data for analytics and monitoring, helping Bristow's flight operators better understand location and activity of their aircraft.