Esri UC: Observations on a Tremendous Event – Part Two

Esri UC: Observations on a Tremendous Event – Part Two

Having not attended the Esri® Users Conference (UC) for a few years due to other conflicts and travel, I was pleased to see that the attendance, enthusiasm, and stimulating discussions remained as strong as ever in 2016. I would be surprised if this year’s conference did not finally exceed the plateau of 20,000 attendees.  

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Esri UC: Observations on a Tremendous Event - Part One

Esri UC: Observations on a Tremendous Event  - Part One

The UC plenary presentation was inspirational, layering evocative imagery from around the world with excerpts from past UC keynote addresses. I have to admit pining for a little James Earl Jones voice-over, but hearing the powerful words of Jane Goodall, Martin O’Malley, and others gave one the sense of true empowerment.

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My Esri UC Experience: Networking and Knowledge

My Esri UC Experience: Networking and Knowledge

The Esri® Users Conference (UC) is so much more than just a chance to go offsite and “Geogeek out” over mapping technology in beautiful San Diego, California. It’s a chance to connect with others who are facing the same obstacles that you are in their work, as well as others who are in different fields and can contribute a new perspective on a problem that could have seemed impossible the way you were looking at it from behind your desk.

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TDS Solutions Presented During Esri UC

GeoDecisions’ traffic data system (TDS) helps the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) process and verify 300 million new records per month. Built on the Esri® platform, TDS enables PennDOT’s Bureau of Planning and Research to better manage the download of traffic data from collection sites throughout Pennsylvania. The new automated system includes remote user access and cutting-edge GIS mapping, web service, database, and coding technologies.

Data Management Blueprint

A model of efficiency, TDS was redesigned, developed, and implemented by GeoDecisions to enhance transportation operations. For example, PennDOT’s new TDS features more centralized data management, automation of manual procedures, consolidation of duplicated functionality, and improved workflow management. 

Integrated TDS functionality combined with enhanced performance and usability also enable state departments of transportation to better comply with ongoing changes to the traffic data requested by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

“Built to FHWA standards, GeoDecisions’ redesign of our TDS provides us a method to seamlessly introduce new counting devices, more efficiently verify our raw traffic data, and speed up our process for creating yearly traffic volume maps,” said Andrea Bahoric, planning division manager with PennDOT.

Mobile Asset Management

GeoDecisions’ TDS redesign for PennDOT features five modules streamlined for better performance and usability. In particular, the system’s field operations module (FOM) is a mobile responsive application that provides an improved method for managing and maintaining information about operation repairs, maintenance, routine site reviews, quality control, and product inventories necessary to maintain and repair traffic counter sites.

“FOM enables PennDOT field technicians to use smartphones or tablets to perform site reviews and document issues,” said Greg Ulp, a director with GeoDecisions. “Convenience and efficiency are critical factors when enhancing technology and managing assets.”

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Greg Ulp will co-present TDS solutions with PennDOT’s Jeremy Freeland during the Esri User Conference at California’s San Diego Convention Center (SDDC) on Wednesday, June 29. Their presentation will occur in SDDC Room 27 B from 10:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

During the same "Performance Monitoring for DOTs" track, Kevin Switala, GISP, and Ahmed El-Aassar, PhD, present innovative FHWA Traffic Noise Model User Interfaces.

Stay tuned for more App Suite solutions!