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Cloud computing is essential to survive in today’s business environment. Cloud-based services include internet-accessible computer system resources such as data storage and computing power. These services provide a dynamically scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure that is flexible and cost-effective.

At GeoDecisions, we understand how important cloud-based services are for your business and organization. Clients need flexibility and scalability to host massive data sets. They lack the experienced staff and the secure environment to manage every program. GeoDecisions has extensive experience in managing your cloud-based solutions. Our team has completed almost 300 projects in the cloud over the past several years and continues to actively manage many of them.


  • Amazon Web Services certifications

Experience with Top Cloud Providers

Leveraging cloud computing, which has emerged as the fulcrum of geospatial data, GeoDecisions offers cutting-edge Platform as a Service (PaaS) GeoQ to build its Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, including Track, Notify, and GeoPlan. The microservices architecture of GeoQ offers the flexibility to work with any cloud model — private, public, or hybrid — while critical data stay behind the organization’s firewall.
— Brendan Wesdock, M.C.P., GISP, President
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  • As an Esri Platinum Partner, we are both a user and a solution provider for ArcGIS Online. GeoDecisions is an approved ArcGIS Online Specialty partner.

  • More than ten staff obtained the Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification, an industry-recognized credential that authenticates AWS cloud expertise for professionals in cloud practitioner, architect, developer, and operations roles.

  • We have supported and continue to support numerous Microsoft Azure projects.

Products and Platform Creation in the Cloud

Our key products and platform are in the cloud.

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