Consultation & Strategy

With more than 31 years of experience, our GIS professionals know that listening to you is critical to understanding your challenges and providing a cost-effective and successful solution. Beyond their technical experience, many of our professionals come from state, federal, and commercial organizations. They have the industry-specific knowledge to understand the issues you are facing and define the best solution for your organization. 

What we do

  • Gather Information – Our staff will meet with you to discuss needs and gather the necessary information.

  • Develop Strategy – This step may include workshops and strategy sessions to bring all the necessary stakeholders to the table, addressing all needs and concerns. By the end, your company will have a path to the best solution – tailored or commercial off-the-shelf solutions.

  • Provide Support – Our professionals have the ability to design and implement the solution and provide ongoing support.

Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

GeoDecisions’ core expertise is creating geospatial solutions where none existed. We love a challenge and want you to have the best solution possible. As an Esri® Platinum Partner, we are proficient in configuring the full range of Esri applications as part of your personalized solution. Our team makes sure the end goal is clearly defined before we even begin developing an application. For tailored solutions, we closely follow our proven approach – define, collaborate, and integrate – creating a solution that fits.

What we do

  • Define your needs and identify the core requirements for your project.

  • Collaborate with your IT team during development to minimize the disruption.

  • Integrate our geospatial solution seamlessly within your existing infrastructure.


InteracTIP logo

InteracTIP automates transportation plan management, coordination, and dissemination for the state and local entities responsible for developing the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). Each metropolitan planning organization is required by the Federal Transit Administration to develop a TIP, a list of upcoming transportation projects covering a period of at least four years. InteracTIP helps ensure data accuracy and enhances collaboration between agencies to make the planning process easier. This application allows agencies to add and edit projects and allows the public user to view projects on maps. 

+ Key Features:

  • Capable of providing separate public access to transportation project data.
  • Integrates easily with legacy transportation planning applications.
  • Hosted and onsite implementation options.
  • Statewide TIP viewer.
  • Transportation project development workflows.

TransAnalyst logo

TransAnalyst enables clients to integrate, analyze, and visualize data from multiple sources in a central GIS. Designed to empower users with GIS, TransAnalyst allows clients to easily create, load, search, share, clip, or print current data without consulting a GIS analyst. This application uses a set of reusable, plug-and-play JavaScript “widgets” that can be easily integrated with legacy web systems within an organization. 

+ Key Features:

  • Adaptable to multiple functionality widgets.
  • Esri’s ArcGIS Online Platform integration.
  • Integrates easily with various data sources and legacy systems.
  • Robust and simple user interface.
  • Robust data publishing and reporting capabilities.
GeoWalkway logo

GeoWalkway is a web-based business flow toolset that integrates mapping technology and automates workflows to create paperless, smart business solutions in a secure environment. GeoWalkway changes the paradigm for a business process modification. What used to take months of hardcoding to add new forms and workflows takes just minutes. GeoWalkway is easily customizable and scalable. Its flexibility, paired with GIS intelligence, provides you with the ability to meet changing business needs quickly and reduces costs.

+ Key Features:

  • Automates manual workflows.
  • Esri’s ArcGIS Online Platform integration.
  • Modules are customizable with the ability to include all modules or just the ones you need.
  • Modules are web-based.
  • Modules include GeoWork, GeoForms, GeoAuth, GeoRules, GeoData, and GeoMaps.
  • User-friendly electronic forms.
  • Spatially enabled workflows or forms allow spatially related data to be gathered.