Geospatial Health Check

Don’t know how geospatial might help you solve your business challenges? Not sure your geographic information system (GIS) is configured in the best way possible?

GeoDecisions provides a free Geospatial Health Check ONE to qualified registrants.

  1. One of our team members will contact you after receiving your request submitted below.

  2. A meeting will be set to discuss your specific request –a business problem and how geospatial technology might be applied, how to optimize your existing GIS solutions, and more.

  3. Upon completion of this initial one to two-hour call, you receive a brief report outlining a high-level assessment of system health and recommendations or suggested follow-on services to address any identified issues.

If applicable, we may recommend an on-site Geospatial Health Check TWO.

  • Geospatial Health Check TWO is outlined with specific objectives and deliverables and agreed to by both parties in advance of the visit.

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