GeoDecisions Expands Expertise in Cloud-based Services with 11 New AWS Certifications


(Harrisburg, Pa) Eleven GeoDecisions® team members recently obtained Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications, continuing the company’s expansion of its cloud-based service offerings.

To date, GeoDecisions, Gannett Fleming’s geospatial technology division, has completed over 270 cloud-based projects including more than 160 projects specifically utilizing the AWS platform. Cloud-based projects include systems such as the Transportation Geographic Information System (TGIS). Formerly known as IRRIS, TGIS is a United States Transportation Command web-based geospatial transportation information intelligent system developed by the Surface Deployment Command (SDDC) as part of the United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) that has evolved to provide infrastructure and near-real-time logistics data to more readily manage, document, and synchronize movements worldwide.

The key benefits of using cloud-based services include utilization of a dynamically scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure that is flexible and cost-effective. For example, while clients previously had to purchase more than enough server space to host their products at the point of highest possible demand, cloud-based services give clients elasticity, meaning servers grow and shrink to meet demand, thus saving money and increasing security.

GeoDecisions President Brendan Wesdock explained it this way when interviewed last year, “Leveraging cloud computing, which has emerged as the fulcrum of geospatial data, GeoDecisions offers cutting- edge Platform as a Service (PaaS) GeoQ to build its Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, including Track, Notify, and GeoPlan®. The microservices architecture of GeoQ offers the flexibility to work with any cloud model — private, public, or hybrid — while critical data stays behind the organization’s firewall.”

The AWS certification is an industry-recognized credential that authenticates AWS cloud expertise for professionals in cloud practitioner, architect, developer, and operations roles. The certified employees hold various specialized AWS certifications and GeoDecisions plans to continue to develop their workforce as they push the boundaries of geospatial technology.

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