GeoDecisions’ Debbie Houser Reflects on Her Career in Biz Journal

Debbie Houser Reflects on Her Career in Biz Journal

August 27, 2019 (Harrisburg, Pa) Debbie Houser, CSPO, shared candid thoughts about women in tech, the soft skills needed to succeed, and the reality of burnout in a wide-ranging interview with the Central Penn Business Journal.

Here is an excerpt:

You’re treasurer of Connected Women, Gannett Fleming’s female empowerment and mentorship network. What leadership or business lessons have you learned from being a part of it?

I am a fairly optimistic person by nature, so I always believed that women were making major strides in the workforce. I knew that I was able to advance in my career, so didn’t that mean that everyone had this opportunity? Through being involved with Connected Women at Gannett Fleming™, I have been exposed to more studies that show how far behind women are in some areas of the workforce. For example, there has been little to no progress with women in corporate C-titled jobs like CEO, CFO, CIO, etc., over the last 30 years. There is also a very low number of women going to college to pursue degrees in the math, science, and engineering fields. Why is that happening and what can we do to change that?

By learning more about these types of issues, it allows me to be more aware of what is happening around me and to leverage my leadership position to help other women when merited.

Houser’s entire interview can be read at this link. She is also the 2019 recipient of The Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania’s Women in Technology Network Impact Award.