Location-based, High-speed Communications Platform

Notify is a real gamechanger for the Lehigh County Authority (LCA). By leveraging LCA’s existing Portal for ArcGIS platform, Notify has provided LCA with a Common Operating Platform shared by both management and field staff across multiple devices.
— Mark Bowen, GIS & Cityworks Manager at Lehigh County Authority

Notify is an advanced, high-speed alert notification system designed to deliver location-based voice, text, and email messages within minutes. Notify is powerful enough to be used as the primary customer and employee communications platform for your entire organization. This web-based solution leverages existing customer, employee, and GIS mapping information to distribute critical information during an emergency quickly and securely.

Notify utilizes Esri’s® ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS platforms, providing intuitive, comprehensive mapping and analytics capabilities. Integration with Esri’s system architecture gives you the ability to seamlessly integrate countless Esri maps and applications with Notify, providing you with a solution that can grow with you.


NEW - Notify Widget!

Are you looking for a way to simply integrate email, text, or phone into an existing Esri ArcGIS WebApp?

Our Notify widget enables you to access the power of notification through a simple widget. Our widget uses Esri ArcGIS web app selection tools to identify what assets, customers, or employees you are trying to contact using a simple interface powered by Notify. Users have the option to text, email, or call independently or all at the same time. Our widget is so simple it requires no training and no need to learn new software.

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Key Features

  • Accessible across devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Configurable with Esri Tracker mobile app for monitoring of key staff in transit or high-risk areas.
  • Click-a-map-feature tool allows precise identification of affected areas using existing GIS polygon layers.
  • Detailed historical records of all customer communication.
  • Facilitates high-speed voice, SMS text, and email notifications.
  • Integrated with Esri ArcGIS Online or Portal and external systems.

Water Utilities – Improving Customer Satisfaction

Informing customers of critical events, including water quality alerts, hydrant flushing, conservation requirements, planned and unplanned maintenance, and late payment reminders, is key to keeping water utility customers safe and well-informed. Precise identification of the affected area, along with delivery of high-speed text, voice, and email messages to affected customers is possible with Notify – reducing complaints and improving customer satisfaction.


Insurance Companies – One Step Ahead of the Storm

Notify manages the effects of storms on policies and policy holders for insurance companies. When storms meet pre-defined thresholds such as hail of a certain diameter, the information is spatially analyzed and interpreted relative to existing policies. Notifications are automatically sent to the assigned management team, with links to an interactive map. This streamlined process provides managers with the information needed to quickly address customers’ needs in affected areas.


Corporate Security – Keeping Employees Safe

Notify can send safety messages to employees in specific geographic areas or companywide and allow employees to provide their status back to corporate security via company-owned mobile phones and tablets. This functionality provides companies with an intuitive, reliable system to ensure the safety of their employees.


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