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Track gives you the ability to track, analyze, and report on assets and sensors. Used by both commercial entities and government, Track specializes in fleet management and logistics operations. With Track as your solution, we can provide end-to-end service including the hardware, hardware management, and air time. This web-based solution allows clients to quickly create dashboard applications for users, providing them with the data and information they need at their fingertips. Track’s configurable dashboards and reports give our clients the ability to share critical, real-time information with identified individuals or groups. 
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+ Key Features:

  • App-based alerts such as speeding violations, geofence alerts, etc.
  • Asset history, alert summary, and trip summary reports.
  • Asset history provides a visual and tabular view of the reported locations of a vehicle over a period of time.
  • Configurable dashboard views and metrics.
  • Custom-location management.
  • Esri’s ArcGIS Online Platform integration.
  • Group-based security and access for providing secure and/or restricted views or access to information, data, or assets.
  • Map-based visualization to report vehicle locations, speed, status, and other information.
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of GPS-tracked vehicles.
  • SMS and email notification of alert events.
  • Spatial capabilities such as thematic mapping, spatial queries, and location-based data aggregation or reporting.

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Notify is an advanced, high-speed alert notification system designed to deliver mass voice, text and email messages to utilities, businesses, communities and schools within minutes. Notify is flexible enough to be used as the primary customer and employee communications platform for your organization. This web-based solution leverages your organization’s existing customer, employee, and GIS mapping information to distribute critical information during an emergency quickly and securely. Notify empowers organizations by saving time and money while improving efficiency.
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+ Key Features:

  • Accessible across devices, including tablets and smartphones.
  • Click-a-map-feature tool allows precise identification of affected areas.
  • Esri’s ArcGIS Online Platform integration.
  • Esri’s Portal for ArcGIS Platform integration.
  • Detailed historical records of all customer communication.
  • Integrated solution with voice, SMS text, and email notifications.
  • Rest API available for systems integration.
  • Real-time web reports.
  • Social media integration.

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GeoPlan is a collaborative, web-based solution that assists local governments in managing day-to-day operations. The user-friendly interface facilitates quick adaptability for new and experienced team members alike. Combining zoning, permitting, and other datasets with a mapping function all in one allows you to visualize the data, improve understanding of conflicting and synergistic data points, and simplify complex outdated paperwork processing systems. GeoPlan combines the power of geospatial data with other databases in one centralized software, saving you time and money on complex administrative, planning, and infrastructure management processes. 
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+ Key Features:

  • Accessible across devices.
  • Esri’s ArcGIS Online Platform integration.
  • Modules are configurable with the ability to include all modules or just the ones you need.
  • Modules include Property Management, Permits and Approvals, Code Enforcement, Subdivision Management, Zoning, Customer Services, One Call Tracking, Tree Management, Sign Management, Sanitary Sewer Management, Contractors and Licensing, and GIS Mapping.


PracticeKeeper streamlines best management practice (BMP) tracking for conservation districts, state and federal governments, and private entities. This web-based solution allows you to easily record data and run reports on conservation plans, nutrient management plans, erosion and sediment control, watersheds, and more.
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+ Key Features:

  • Content and data ownership maintained by the user.
  • Flexible and easily configurable to specific user needs.
  • Mobile access provides the ability to review, edit, and verify plans and BMPs in the field.
  • Plan information and BMPs mapped utilizing existing point, line, and polygon base layers.
  • Reduced duplicative data entry by leveraging data across modules and streamlining account information administration.
  • Secure hosting in the cloud.
  • Spatial queries analyze and automatically populate critical information.
  • User-friendly reporting, mapping tools, and document management capabilities.
  • Workflow-driven tools create, track, administer, and evaluate plans and practices.

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GeoQ is a geospatial data collection analytics and dissemination platform that is fully integrated with the Esri® suite. GeoQ provides support and service via the cloud with minimal management needed by the client and vault-like security.

+ Key Features:

  • Designed to serve a variety of industries.
  • Esri’s ArcGIS Online Platform integration.
  • Flexible interfaces designed for external system integration.
  • High-volume data collection and real-time data processing.
  • Redundant systems to prevent down time.
  • Scalable design for future growth.
  • Vault-like data security measures – including no direct access to databases stored on the platform.

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GeoWalkway is a web-based business flow toolset that integrates mapping technology and automates workflows to create paperless, smart business solutions in a secure environment. GeoWalkway changes the paradigm for a business process modification. What used to take months of hardcoding to add new forms and workflows takes just minutes. GeoWalkway is easily customizable and scalable. Its flexibility, paired with GIS intelligence, provides you with the ability to meet changing business needs quickly and reduces costs.

+ Key Features:

  • Automates manual workflows.
  • Esri’s ArcGIS Online Platform integration.
  • Modules are customizable with the ability to include all modules or just the ones you need.
  • Modules are web-based.
  • Modules include GeoWork, GeoForms, GeoAuth, GeoRules, GeoData, and GeoMaps.
  • User-friendly electronic forms.
  • Spatially enabled workflows or forms allow spatially related data to be gathered.

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HPMSAnalyst provides state departments of transportation with a streamlined approach for preparing Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) submittals. Required by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), HPMS submittals can be time-consuming and costly. HPMSAnalyst enables the user to analyze, validate, and prepare submittals in-house, decreasing significant time spent validating submittals on the federal site. 

+ Key Features:

  • Ability to add custom data validations in addition to FHWA validations.
  • Comparison to prior HPMS submittals.