SUEZ North America – Improving Emergency Notifications

Moving from a legacy, nonspatial system to Notify and leveraging Portal for ArcGIS was a game-changer. Our response time went from hours to minutes, from selecting streets and address ranges using drop-down lists to geographically identifying areas with pinpoint accuracy. Field staff can now use Survey 123 to create custom outage polygons while still on-site, which directly integrates with Notify.
— Shannon Decker, PMP, GIS manager, SUEZ Water North America

CLIENT: SUEZ North America
LOCATION: Pennsylvania


SUEZ North America serves over 6.4 million people with water and wastewater operations across the U.S. and Canada with a staff of more than 3,200 employees. With an ever-increasing client base, it was critical to improve response time and decrease inefficiencies in their existing emergency notification process for outage, main break, and water advisory situations.


GeoDecisions’ Notify was the ideal solution to replace the legacy SUEZ system. As an advanced, high-speed alert notification system, Notify can deliver thousands of location-based voice, text and email messages simultaneously within minutes. Seamless integration with their billing system customer contact information helps SUEZ achieve their goal of highly accurate customer communication. This integration significantly reduces the potential risk of contacting non-SUEZ customers.

Notify utilizes Esri’s® ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS platforms, providing intuitive, comprehensive mapping and analytics capabilities. By leveraging the existing Portal for ArcGIS platform, Notify has provided SUEZ with a common operating platform shared by both management and field staff, allowing for real-time collaboration.

Notify eliminates the need for SUEZ staff to manually create, download, and compare their notification area with their existing geographic information system (GIS) layers. SUEZ is now able to select existing water advisory areas, pressure zones, municipalities, and other polygon features created in Portal for ArcGIS directly within Notify. SUEZ also has the ability to create custom alert areas, using their existing GIS data from Portal for ArcGIS in real time. Automating this workflow has streamlined the entire emergency notification process, saving precious time during emergency situations.


  • High availability, high volume microservices architecture written in Node.js

  • High volume delivery of notification messages by voice, SMS, and email

  • Mongo NoSQL document-oriented data store

  • Responsive Single Page Application written in Angular and Esri’s ArcGIS API for JavaScript

  • ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS for user authentication and web mapping

  • APIs available for systems integration