Water Utilities

By adding in the power of geospatial technology, powering innovation with location, GeoDecisions provides innovative, cohesive water management solutions to water utility managers, field operations staff and executives.


Water Business Solutions


Develop and Convert Your Data

Before you can begin with a location-based system, you may need to develop or convert your data. Our team can conduct field GPS data collection, adjust geographic information system (GIS) data to the GPS’s feature locations, work with engineering to resolve record discrepancies, convert from CAD to GIS, and take advantage of standardized data schemas.


Take Advantage of Existing Solutions

Our strong partnership with Esri® and our experienced team of professionals can bring the power of Esri’s ArcGIS platform to you, providing the basis of your location-based solutions and the possibility of configurable applications that are tailored to your needs. Customization of WebApp Builder for ArcGIS and implementation of the new ArcGIS Utility Network Management extension adds even more functionality and flexibility for routing, modeling and assessment – including but not limited to flow accumulation, valve isolation and leak detection.

Other GeoDecisions’ Software as a Service (SaaS) products that can be easily added and adapted to add value to your water management system include:

Notify is an advanced, high-speed alert notification system designed to deliver mass voice, text and email messages to utilities, businesses, communities and schools within minutes.

PracticeKeeper streamlines best management practice tracking, allowing users to record data and run reports on conservation plans.

Track gives you the ability to track, analyze and report on assets and sensors.


Create a Configurable, Shareable Operations Dashboard

Operations dashboards are the windows to your data. You have the power to configure the operations dashboards to meet your needs at any time. Work orders, live sensor data feeds, asset tracking, 3D asset models and more can be managed from a single dashboard!


Long-term Planning — Condition Assessments and Capital Planning

Capital planning begins with ranking your assets for condition, performance and reliability. We assist water operators in the development of models to quantify these assets. Assets are not limited to water collection and distribution systems; they also can include buildings and facilities. Buildings can be modeled using CAD (Revit/BIM) and this data imported into GIS. Using 3D visualization of the assets provides everyone within the organization access to this critical information for condition assessments, maintenance and planning.



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