My First Year at GeoDecisions

Jason Sanders is a developer in GeoDecisions' Philadelphia office. 

As my one-year GeoDecisions anniversary approaches, I would like to describe my employment process  and my experiences to date. I decided to apply to GeoDecisions after reading a job posting on I was intrigued by the company’s work using the newest technologies to create geospatial solutions. A few weeks after I submitted my resume, I was contacted by Adam Conner, a technical architect with GeoDecisions, and asked in for an interview. 

Stressful Interview/Positive Outcome

The day of my interview was very stressful. I spent my ride on public transportation reading over sample technical interview questions I found online. When I arrived at GeoDecisions’ Philadelphia office, I was greeted by several employees. After meeting Adam I was brought into the office of Kevin Switala, GISP, a vice president with the company. While there, Kevin and Steven Grieb, a senior developer, asked me to summarize my previous work experience and answer technical questions about development and testing. After the interview, I left unsure of how I performed, and thought I could have answered a few questions better than I did.

After a few weeks of waiting, I was contacted by Adam Conner and offered an intern position. At the time, I was in my final term at Drexel University and could not commit to a full-time schedule. 

GeoDecisions Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office is conveniently located at Ten Penn Center.

Excellent Work Location

Part of the GeoDecisions team, I complete my daily work at the Philadelphia office located in Center City - a big plus for me because it is easily accessible via public transportation. It also provides a variety of food and after-work activity options. The office itself is very unique with an open design allowing that allows us to collaborate easily.

The Internship

Working as an intern at geodecisions was a great learning experience, and I was asked complete tasks that directly impacted the company. For example, one of my largest assignments was to research different Rest API Frameworks and develop an API that could be used by a crime mapping application called Project Safe Neighborhoods Map (PSNMAP). The API needed to send and retrieve information from a database, and I received approval to use ASP.NET Web Api 2 with Entity Framework 6 to develop the solution.

PSN Map was an challenging and interesting first project

On-Board Full Time

After a few months of working as an intern and completing college, I was offered a full-time position. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work on other projects such as for an insurance client and a local government client, while developing in several programming languages and Frameworks to assist with front-end GUI development and back-end database development.

I am grateful to collaborate every day with a great team of talented individuals that work hard to create great innovative solutions using cutting-edge technology.