Font Awesome and GIS - Growing JavaScript Resources

As consultants, we constantly strive to stay ahead of the competition by using the most up-to-date tools, recognizing that today's web has expanded from our computer screen to the endless selection of mobile devices and tablets on the market. This expansion is a strong motivation for using the native language of the web, JavaScript.

Awesome Solution

Example Map made using Font Awesome

Consistent with the growth of this versatile programming language, the tools that utilize JavaScript have improved. One such useful library is Font Awesome, dubbed the "iconic font and CSS toolkit" that can be used anywhere in a web application. I have taken this library and found a powerful way to use it in conjunction with GIS.

One common function of most GIS applications is the ability to visualize points on a map. Take a look at my blog post on the Esri® GeoNet forum that describes how to apply Font Awesome icons to GIS services in real time.

Great Resource

The GeoNet platform is structured to "discuss, connect, collaborate, and explore." A developer forum for all things spatial, GeoNet is just one way that GeoDecisions shares solutions with the GIS community.