Power Perspective: Single-Source Asset Management (Part One)

Reliable electricity is essential as the U.S. continues toward more sophisticated use of information technology, computerized controls, and sensitive electronics. The interconnection of major power plants plus generation facilities, hundreds of thousands of miles of high-voltage transmission lines, and local distribution networks all play a part in providing electricity essential to U.S. commercial, security, industrial, and residential users.

Utilities are challenged to ensure a safe and reliable network while managing assets in this shifting landscape. Through a collaborative team and multidisciplinary approach, GeoDecisions and its parent company, Gannett Fleming, help electric utilities make more informed decisions and run business efficiently.

An Enterprise GIS Solution

Our ability to manage, optimize, and integrate assets enables electric utilities to minimize operational downtime, optimize profitability, and streamline the work order and capital budget processes. We also develop and enhance enterprise-level asset management systems capable of consuming data from multiple sources and exposing information through web-based dashboard views.

For example, ElectriMAP® is a GIS application that provides a model of a utility’s network from which operators can access customer and billing information, manage vegetation growth around utility lines, and integrate with outage detection and engineering analysis software as well as other applications.

Developed by GeoDecisions, ElectriMAP uses the Esri® platform. Learn more about GeoDecisions and Esri successful collaborations.

Mobile friendly, ElectriMAP users also can capture and verify live field data for incorporation into a master GIS database. As a comprehensive toolkit, ElectriMAP alleviates the time and frustration of consulting multiple systems and streamlines operations. It offers users a single source for accurately mapping and managing assets.

Stay tuned for more examples of our power industry strides and innovation through the years. #GeoDecisions30