Don’t Tell Your Story, Show Your Story Using Story Map Cascade

This week, the Esri® published an amazing Nelson Mandela Story Map, “exploring how Mandela addressed the world’s social injustices throughout his life as a Revolutionary, Politician, and Public Servant.” 

The Mandela story map showcases Cascade’s effortless and free-flowing design, which mirrors the concept of time lapse by implementing high-level features to seamlessly and actively highlight a timeline of events within a short period of time. This acts a great resource, visually, to convey monumental occasions appropriately and effectively. For more introductory ways on how you can use Story Map CascadeSM, you can refer to Esri Story Maps Product Engineer Owen Evan’s ‘How To’ blog as previously mentioned here.

Learn more on how to interact with your data using Esri Story Maps. Story-telling has never looked so good!