Mapping the Madness – The 2019 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament


March Madness is finally upon us! An exhilarating time when college basketball is once again thrust into the mainstream media spotlight as teams work their way toward the Big Dance. The 68-team single-elimination tournament officially began its jam-packed schedule March 17 on Selection Sunday. Fans from across the country are poring over the final selection of teams and stats to craft the perfect bracket.

With billions of dollars at stake to win or lose in office pools, the first week of the tournament is a mad rush of excitement and the bane of existence for employers everywhere. The first round of games often results in plummeting productivity as employees check the scores of their favorite teams and hope for no colossal bracket busters in the first round.

For those who never really understood what all the excitement was about, Hany Hassaballa, one of our talented GIS professionals, created an Esri® Story Map to explain the background and inner workings of the tournament. Explore the maps showing the location of NCAA teams across the country, this year’s tournament venues and the most winningest teams over the years. 

Learn more about the 2019 NCAA Tournament and vote for your favorite team by viewing our story map here: