Tracking Land Treatment Applications to Protect Virginia’s Water Quality

VPA Biosolids-01.png

This project was completed by WorldView Solutions, now a part of GeoDecisions.

The Virginia Department of Environment Quality (DEQ) is responsible for implementing and enforcing laws and regulations to improve and protect Virginia’s water quality.  One of the programs that DEQ manages is the Virginia Pollution Abatement (VPA) Permit Program which includes the regulation of the land application of biosolids.

Treated biosolids may be land applied on agricultural, forestland, and mined land reclamation sites. Land appliers are required to obtain a VPA permit and report monthly on the amounts and location of biosolid land application.

To better track the permits and biosolids land application activity throughout the Commonwealth, DEQ contracted WorldView Solutions to support the Office of Information Systems in building a Land Application Tracking Module. Biosolids land appliers submit a report on their monthly activities to DEQ and staff upload the data into the module to calculate the required fees so they may then invoice the land applier. The module provides excel upload, fee calculation, and reporting functions to DEQ staff.