The Enterprise Approach

Transportation Knowledge Counted in Decades and Centuries

GeoDecisions has supported tolling and transit agencies and more than 25 state and city departments of transportation, some for two to three decades. In addition, GeoDecisions professionals work side by side with our parent company’s transportation engineers, construction managers and environmental scientists at Gannett Fleming, whose experience in transportation covers a century. We have gone beyond the geographic information systems (GIS) department and have worked throughout the entire organization, understanding the varying business and system needs and learning how to solve unique transportation challenges with geospatial technology.

Owner Representative for an Enterprise Approach – Connecting the Data

Transportation agencies are large, complex organizations with unique data and systems available in every business unit. Connecting the data from one unit to another could result in huge cost savings and even save lives. Understanding where the data is located and how to bring it together is critical. We have implemented solutions for other agencies that could work for you to bring information together in an enterprisewide approach.

Our team acts as your representative. We work with the units to clearly define their needs, and we can work with information technology departments to make sure solutions are compatible with your legacy systems.



Build to Your Specifications

Building to your specifications is our strength. We will work with you to define immediate needs while keeping the whole enterprise solution in view. Below are some of the solutions we created for other transportation agencies that could help you.



  • GPS/AVL Tracking for Fleet Management
  • Maintenance Operations and Performance Management
  • Mobile Field Asset Management
  • Winter Snow Operations Management and Optimization
  • STIP/TIP Management and Communication
  • Roadway Network/LRS Management
  • Grant Management
  • Best Practices Management
  • Traffic Count Program Management
  • NEPA and Environmental Analysis/Assessment
  • Crash/Safety Data Analysis
  • TSMO and ITS Operations Visualization
  • Machine Learning and Business Intelligence
  • Construction Visualization
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Drone2Map

Take Advantage of Existing Solutions

Our strong partnership with Esri® and our experienced team of professionals can bring the power of Esri’s ArcGIS platform to you, providing the basis of your location-based solutions and the possibility of configurable applications that are tailored to your needs. Customization of Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, Survey123 and AppStudio browser and mobile applications add even more functionality and flexibility.

Other GeoDecisions’ Software as a Service (SaaS) products that can be easily added and adapted to add value include:

HPMSAnalyst enables the user to analyze, validate and prepare submittals for the Highway Performance Monitoring System in-house, decreasing significant time spent validating submittals on the federal site.

PracticeKeeper streamlines best management practice tracking, allowing users to record data and run reports on conservation plans.

Track gives you the ability to track, analyze and report on assets and sensors.


Consult, Design, and Evaluate

Our professionals provide consulting and owner representative services in addition to application development. After completing one of our Geospatial Health Checks, the best approach may be to help you develop your strategic plan or design your GIS architecture. We also act as owner representatives managing the implementation of enterprise projects and solutions and can provide system engineering services as independent vendor valuators.


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