David Gilbert, GISP, Senior Project Manager

 As a Senior Project Manager in State College, Pennsylvania, Dave manages the daily operations associated with numerous local government and water/wastewater utility clients. Dave has been with GeoDecisions since originally formed in 1986, and has seen the tremendous amount of change that has taken place over the years in terms of technology, and the benefits it can bring to our clients. Dave’s prior work experience included working for several state and federal wildlife agencies as a research assistant, and graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor’s degree in wildlife science.

A Passion for Planning and Community Involvement

Throughout his career, Dave has been extensively involved in volunteer organizations at the state and local level, bringing value to the GIS profession and meeting client needs. Dave is a past president and board member of Pennsylvania Mapping and Geographic Information Consortium (PAMAGIC), and a recent board member and secretary of Pennsylvania Floodplain Managers (PAFPM). Dave is currently the voting board representative for PAMAGIC on the PA State GeoSpatial Coordinating Board, enacted to advise the Governor on technology and strategic planning for GIS in the Commonwealth. Dave also is a long-standing member of the PADEP Northcentral Citizens Round Table, a group of professionals and citizens that meet on a quarterly basis to discuss environmental activities in the region. 

At the local level, Dave is a member of watershed organizations, and is the manager for his community’s Civic Club. He has served as a Hunter Education instructor for nearly 20 years, and is a volunteer at his local community pool. Coupled with his professional organizational involvement, Dave has not only kept abreast the needs of local government citizenry, but also helps to lead in the planning and activities in these areas.  

Home Grown

In Dave’s spare time, he enjoys woodworking, hunting and helping his wife, Wendy, with her extensive gardening and raising chickens for eggs. While Dave also enjoys fishing, his daughter, Olivia, has shown herself to be the more successful angler for over the past three years! Raising and buying local foods and products has become hugely important to Dave’s family over the years. The next time you see Dave, ask about his wife’s home-made bread...it’s awesome!