Get to Know Kevin Scott, GISP, Senior Project Manager/GeoPlan Manager

Kevin pictured with his wife, Shelley, and son Colin.

Kevin pictured with his wife, Shelley, and son Colin.

A Senior Project Manager in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, office, Kevin manages the development and direction of GeoPlan Web, a municipal management software package, and additional GIS-related projects. Kevin has been with GeoDecisions for 13 years building the company’s business in western Pennsylvania and Ohio. 

With a bachelor's degree in geography from Indian University of Pennsylvania (IUP), Kevin has dedicated the last 18 years to building GIS systems for local governments. Immediately following his undergraduate degree from IUP, Kevin began working for a small GIS company in Pittsburgh where he first began working with GeoPlan. In 2008, GeoDecisions acquired GeoPlan, and named Kevin as the manager of the software package. 

Kevin achieved his GISP certification in 2008 and continues to support GIS projects that include building complex utility networks such as sanitary and storm sewers; drinking water systems; parcel management; and zoning and land use overlays. 

Outside the office, Kevin enjoys many activities with his wife and son as well as hunting and fishing. Involved with local community activities, Kevin has coached youth baseball for three years and has been an active cub scout master for four years. Now that his son has found a passion for ice hockey, Kevin spends many days at the ice rink coaching.