Terrific & Free! Learn to Love Digital Mapping with Esri Online GIS Course

After a few years without significant engagement on a spatial analytical project, I felt my GIS knowledge was getting dusty and my skills rusty. I ended up registering for and taking the Esri® Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) offering called "Going Places with Spatial Analysis" last Fall, and came away absolutely energized and refreshed. This self-paced course focuses on how most data is inherently spatial in nature and, therefore, can be analyzed in unique ways to discern patterns and trends.

It appears that Esri has recently announced another opportunity to take this MOOC:

"Learn What Spatial Analysis Can Do for You

I highly recommend it for any GIS professional who, like me, wants an efficient and effective GIS analysis refresher. I recommend it even more for any non-GIS business professional who wants to learn a new, accessible technology tool that could rapidly accelerate your career success by leveraging Esri's powerful ArcGIS platform to improve your business!

About the Author: A regular GeoDecisions and LinkedIn Pulse blogger based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Vice President Kevin Switala, GISP, manages daily operations at GeoDecisions with a focus on U.S. federal and international project capture and delivery. Learn more about Kevin.