Connecting with GeoDecisions Notify in Middle East

Joining a small group of regional innovators, GeoDecisions International Director Robert Marsters, PMP, was an accepted speaker during the Third Annual Esri® Connect Meeting at the Esri offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on April 24 and 25. During the event, Robert presented GeoDecisions Notify, a robust high-speed alert notification system designed to deliver phone, e-mail, or text messages for utilities, businesses, municipalities, communities, and schools.

GeoDecisions Notify leverages Esri ArcGIS Online to seamlessly integrate with an organizations’ existing GIS data and maximize an organization’s Esri investment. In the water industry, this data may include layers such as water lines, laterals, valves, hydrants, sewer lines, manholes, and tax parcels. 

GeoDecisions Notify utilizes a responsive design that facilitates universal access from both desktop and mobile devices including tablet computers and smartphones. For insurance partners, GeoDecisions Notify can send text messages with links to a mobile weather viewer application that can zoom into event and policies in question.

As an Esri Gold-tier Business Partner, GeoDecisions works closely with Esri staff to find ways to add value to Esri’s core offerings. ArcGIS Online contains a wide range of built-in functionality including enterprise data security, single sign-on capability, role-based access, self-service mapping, sharing, and groups. ArcGIS Online has the right balance of functionality, cost, and flexibility to serve as the GeoDecisions Notify platform.