Plan and Manage, A Centralized Communication Tool

Your phone buzzes, and a text message tells you that you have assets in danger from a pending threat.  Embedded in the text message is a link to a map that shows you where the threat is and which of your assets are in danger. You and your team are able to act in advance of the pending threat to manage your assets, and update your supply change. But you took it to another level - you set up the notification to alert your employees, your customers, or your clients of the threat; you provide suggestions on how to protect their assets, family, or friends from the pending threat, and you did it all within one application.

Satisfy Company Needs, Cross-Industry Effective

GeoDecisions Notify is a one-stop mass notification application that uses the power of the Esri® platform to identify the location of pending threats, and associated assets to send text, phone, and email messages to individuals who need to know about these threats. By using mapping data, spatial analytics, and customer/asset data, GeoDecisions Notify solves business challenges in many separate industries. Proven use cases include: 

  • Water companies informing users of boil water or billing notices

  • Utilities warning of outages or repairs

  • Insurers informing claims managers and customers of potential storms and perils

  • Manufacturers sending personalized messages to employees warning of challenges to the supply chain

  • Logistics companies to forewarn about Estimated Time of Arrivals and delivery schedules

  • Logistics companies notifying operational centers of erratic driver behavior, idling, or engine issues

  • Schools distributing messages to parents regarding emergencies or pending closings.

Leverage Data, GeoDecisions AppSuite

GeoDecisions newly developed AppSuite tools provides workflow-oriented apps that assist both private and public entities by serving their customer base more efficiently. For example, GeoDecisions Notify works with GeoDecisions Track to provide users with near real-time insight about critical business/asset data, while providing the means to quickly and efficiently communicate and monitor them. 

Using the combination of products within GeoDecisions AppSuite, our customers can tap into extensive spatial analytics to develop a holistic view of their assets, customers, or critical issues.  By integrating spatial analytics, GeoDecisions AppSuite provides easy-to-understand mapping to show data trends, loss data, or areas of improvements. With the simple understanding of business data, GeoDecisions AppSuite integration with the Esri Platform provides our customers with a blank canvas of analytics, reporting, and mapping capabilities with proven workflows that solve challenges simply and effectively.