Safety in the Skies – Bristow Takes Flight with Real-Time GIS Mapping

Safety in the Skies – Bristow Takes Flight with Real-Time GIS Mapping

Serving nearly 900 oil and gas clients, Bristow transports crews on helicopters to offshore drilling platforms throughout the world. “As a transportation company, safety is our number-one priority,” states Bristow Group’s Sophy Liu, director, technology enablement. “Our goal is to have zero accidents, harm to people, and harm to the environment to support an accident-free, injury-free workplace.”

GeoDecisions Track enables Bristow’s command center to monitor, report, and communicate with pilots in real time and confirm aircraft locations, landings, and takeoffs. Operators access data through the system’s robust interface to develop response plans and mitigate any potential safety concerns.

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Increasing Transportation Planning Resiliency with Landslide Vulnerability Modeling

Increasing Transportation Planning Resiliency with Landslide Vulnerability Modeling

April showers bring May flowers has been a saying from as far back as the 1500s. Lately, the showers just keep coming—and so does the stormwater that follows. All this rain is leading to an increase in landslides, damaging roads and highways in southwestern Pennsylvania. Last year, millions of dollars were allocated for landslide remediation in this region.

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Growing GIS Business in North Carolina

GeoDecisions’ business is growing throughout North Carolina, as we expand our footprint and enhance our Gannett Fleming engineering service offerings. Selected as a prequalified vendor to provide statewide GIS services contract, we can perform work for North Carolina state, local government, or quasi-governmental agencies, such as MPOs and universities, in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning

  • GIS data collection

  • GIS data management

  • GIS application development and implementation services

  • GIS consulting.

To support our Southeast initiatives, GeoDecisions Project Manager Caitlyn Meyer transferred to our Raleigh, North Carolina, office from our Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, headquarters in August. Caitlyn is strengthening Gannett Fleming and GeoDecisions GIS, planning, design, and construction operations as well as developing business relationships with North Carolina agencies.  Caitlyn's project portfolio includes our multiple award winning Maintenance-IQ application, which integrates data from more than 20 different systems into an easy-to-use data visualization and analysis web mapping tool. GIS applications such as Maintenance-IQ help streamline the NEPA process, maintain planning applications that support roadway projects, and feature mobile data collection apps to support asset management programs.  

In addition to Caitlyn, GeoDecisions Senior Project Manager, Kevin Yount, has relocated to the Charlotte, North Carolina, area. Kevin is working on the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation’s (PART) implementation of GeoDecisions Track, a web-based, configurable solution used to assist clients with asset tracking, reporting, and analytics.

To better meet its Federal Transit Administration and National Transit Database reporting requirements, PART requires a system that can provide real-time vehicle tracking and data management for its vanpool fleet. The GeoDecisions Track solution will allow PART to quickly create dashboard applications system users, providing them with readily available business data and analytical information.  The ability to configure these reports will prove valuable as standards change and user needs evolve.

“We're very excited to grow throughout North Carolina,” said Caitlyn. “Thanks in part to us relocated Yankees, the state’s population is booming, and is planned to grow 40 percent by 2040.” This growth will increase demands on the state’s infrastructure and the need for programs to keep pace.

A Team Approach With PennDOT Connects

State departments of transportation are no longer just held accountable for the transportation system, but for how the transportation network supports and improves the quality of life for communities. With this idea in mind, GeoDecisions has partnered with its parent company, Gannett Fleming, to help the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) evolve its PennDOT Connects project. Aimed at involving community stakeholders earlier in an infrastructure project’s lifecycle, PennDOT Connects improves planning and engineering collaboration throughout design and delivery. 

Gannett Fleming is helping to evolve the PennDOT Connects, including participation in its staff training component, Planning and Engineering 360, for PennDOT and regional planning organizations. GeoDecisions is redesigning PennDOT’s Linking Planning and NEPA (LPN) application for project proposals and environmental scoring. 

The PennDOT Connects initiative will provide a framework and process for outreach and cooperation between PennDOT districts, planning partners, and municipalities. Meeting with and gathering data from local project representatives to ensure that relevant factors are reviewed and included as part of the project planning process is at the heart of the program.

Expected to go live in January 2018, the new PennDOT Connects application also includes plans for a mobile piece. Using smartphones, tablets, or PDAs, onsite users will have the ability to collect information and meeting notes for study areas during PennDOT Connects outreach.