Evolving Transportation Functionality

The common link between the future of transportation infrastructure and transportation service is “user experience.”  With the proliferation of connected and autonomous vehicles (CV/AV), the way Americans think about travel will continue to transform. Instead of focusing on practical features such as speed, direction, and safety; the typical American driver will focus on personal preferences that include productivity, leisure activities, and entertainment. This will not be possible without harnessing the relationship between the built environment, and the information created by movement, monitoring, and measurement.

Identify & Demonstrate

GeoDecisions is working to become a leader in CV/AV by collaborating with other disciplines at Gannett Fleming and identify innovative ways to merge infrastructure and data. Experts anticipate that CV/AV technology will improve road safety and help manage congestion. For example, GeoDecisions and Gannett Fleming teamed up with the Battelle Memorial Institute to conduct a technology demonstration that showcases a variety of technology, some of which, are closer to implementation.  

Collaborate to Execute

RESCUME is a technology, developed by the Battelle Memorial Institute, to help improve responder safety. GeoDecisions has been working within this sector for years on various projects, from developing local community hotspot crime detection maps, to helping install automatic in-vehicle location systems to achieve improvement. The core of connected technology derives from communication between a single vehicle, and a variety of sources such as: other vehicles, traffic signals, intelligent transportation systems, pavement and bridge technology, and various data sources. Ultimately, the ability to exchange data with speed, accuracy, and reliability will determine the effectiveness of CV/AV. GeoDecisions is part of an internal working group focused on understanding and identifying opportunities for innovation and collaboration. Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating on this important topic.