NCDOT Advanced Transportation through Linkages, Automation, and Screening (ATLAS)

This is far better than I expected. The search, screening, and workbench tools are an absolute game changer!
— ATLAS Training Attendee

CLIENT: North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT)
LOCATION: North Carolina


NCDOT’s projects lacked standard deliverables, spatial data, integration across enterprises, single source data authority, and the ability to track project status. These issues slowed North Carolina’s environmental review process required for NCDOT projects to remain compliant with the federally mandated National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).


NCDOT’s Advanced Transportation through Linkages, Automation, and Screening (ATLAS) was created to provide the single source data authority needed to improve and streamline NEPA reviews and related project development activities. ATLAS is the place for consultants, DOT staff, and agency partners to report on project constraints based on GIS data, to submit final project deliverables, to help project managers track progress, and to provide subject matter experts regional project data.

Project ATLAS used a multi-vendor team approach to gather the best ideas from subject matter experts in key DOT disciplines, including the GIS discipline supported by GeoDecisions staff through business analysis, application design, data development, testing, and project management.

Along with the compilation and vetting of nearly 600 layers, ATLAS provides four tools: Data Search Tool, Screening Tool, Workbench, and Application Admin Tool. The Data Search Tool is your one-stop shop for DOT project development related data – all the data you need to assist with your projects has been centralized, vetted, and approved by subject matter experts. Screening Tool will use specific data layers to evaluate your project study area for potential effects on the natural and human environment. The Workbench contains a workflow for each project, captures standard project deliverables, and assesses your project’s spatial data and regional data within the context of surrounding projects using an advanced map viewer.


  • N-Tier Architecture


  • Razor Pages, Bootstrap, JQuery

  • Esri JavaScript 4.11

  • Portal for ArcGIS

  • SQL Server/SDE

  • Python Geoprocessing