Shared Data-Platform for the City of Bradford

CLIENT: Bradford City Water Authority (BCWA) and Bradford Sanitary Authority (BSA)
LOCATION: Bradford, Pennsylvania

Having real-time access to information in the field is invaluable. An accurate map of our system and assessment of its condition, allows us to prioritize work more efficiently and greatly improves our short and long-term planning efforts.
— Richard E. Brocius, Executive Director Bradford Sanitary Authority
Capturing the institutional knowledge of our employees in an up-to-date, real-time map that they can access at their finger-tips has been instrumental in increased efficiencies and daily work planning. Paper maps, specific location details, and related documents such as as-builts have been uploaded to provide our operations staff with all the necessary information they need to make informed decisions out in the field.
— Stephen Disney, Executive Director Bradford City Water Authority


With an ever-increasing demand on services, BCWA and BSA needed an application that could store and share information, while addressing the needs of each department separately. BCWA and BSA serve people in and around the City of Bradford, Pennsylvania. These authorities needed easily accessible, accurate, and up-to-date mapping to assist with asset management and day-to-day workflow.


GeoDecisions designed an application for BCWA and BSA using Esri®’s ArcGIS Online platform to provide a remote-accessible, centralized data and records environment improving overall asset management and planning. Mobile access was essential to the authorities. Previously, the maintenance teams could not easily access source documents such as as-builts, maintenance records, and more while in the field. Using the Esri platform allows the two authorities to share common data online while securing access to the source data. In the areas where the internet is not reliable, the application can create offline maps that will sync with the application once access returns.

Our team migrated the authorities’ GIS data to Esri’s local government information model to gain the advantage of a ready-to-use application in ArcGIS Online. Our quick response time for any access issues during this time was essential to BCWA and BSA to allow them to provide uninterrupted service to their customers.

After the project was complete, the city expanded the use of the application to include Fire/EMS, property management, public works, and police, providing each with secure access to the mapping environment. The shared information between the various departments helps the city better protect and serve its citizens.


  • ArcGIS Pro

  • ArcGIS Online